Music Submission

Cove FM welcomes music submissions for consideration for airplay.  We add new music weekly and play music by artists covering may genres of music with a strong focus on music by East Coast and other Canadian musicians .  If you would like to send your music to Cove FM please take a moment to read the guidelines below before sending us anything.

  • Music submissions should be in a lossless format such as wav or flac.  This allows both you, and us to sound as good as possible on air.  Please don’t convert lossy formats such as mp3 or aac to a lossless format.  This defeats the purpose as once the audio quality has been lost, you can’t get it back.  We will accept high bite rate (320k) mp3’s if no lossless formats are available.  We can not consider music submitted in aac, m4a, ogg, aiff, wma, ape or mp3’s with a bit rate lower than 320k.
  • Music submissions should contain Canadian content info so we can identify songs that qualify as cancon.  The MAPL works well for this.
  • If you are submitting digitally, please include the artist’s name and song title in the filename.  It is surprising how many songs are submitted to us with a file name that doesn’t include who is performing the song.   With the volume of music that is submitted, this can make it difficult for us to determine who the performer is when we are adding it to our library.
  • All digital music files submitted should contain correct metadata or cart chunk tagging and CD’s should be listed on internet look up directories such as CDDB, or contain CD-text on the CD.  This really helps our volunteers to get your music on the air faster.

Music can be submitted by several methods.  Most music is sent to us via DMDS, or PlayMPE but we also accept songs through Earshot Digital Distribution System, CD’s, and emails with download links from Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar cloud storage sites.  Please don’t attach files directly to emails.  Due to the large size of lossless files, they don’t usually make it through with the email.  Please don’t send download cards, or links to sites like bandcamp, soundcloud, We Transfer, Spotify, Itunes, or youtube.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your music.  We love playing new songs.