Songs Played

You can use this tool to look up what songs we have played. This list will not include songs played on CD or Vinyl. Those legacy formats do not support the required metadata.

Sunday 1st August 2021 - 11pm
Time Title Artist
11:02pm Overdrive Conan Grey
11:06pm Superstitious Feeling Harlequin
11:09pm Come as You Are Peter Wolf
11:15pm Put Out the Fires Sweet Roger
11:19pm Pilot Ian Thomas
11:24pm One More Minute Chris Baillie
11:28pm Closing Time Semisonic
11:32pm How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By James Taylor
11:35pm Orchard Drive Miles From Nowhere
11:39pm 1 Hit Wonder Mike Boyd
11:42pm Simple Dude Tokyo Police Club
11:47pm Hurt Me Down So Deep The Carson Downey Band
11:52pm Ready Trooper