2 Kids Off Grid

2 Kids Off Grid

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Hosted by: Tikvah Mindorff
Genre: Interviews

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Timezone: ADT [UTC-3]
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
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About the Show

2 Kids Off Grid is fundamentally a show about starting an off-grid farm in Canada. We are sharing our story, starting right at the beginning, to talk about each of the baby steps that we have had to take to live sustainably and off-grid on 20 acres.

We don’t have any financial help from friends or family and we didn’t make bank at a corporate job before starting our farm. We are young. We are hardworking. We are connecting with many homesteaders, off-gridders and farmers to build community and learn from those who have gone before us.

So this show is a little bit of storytelling, mixed together with financial planning, and project management.

In the world of farm radio shows and podcasts, I try my best to keep it goal-oriented and helpful for those who are trying to get into this industry like us. Each weekly recording is therefore paired with a blog post with all the related research and summarized information to help you on your way.

2 Kids Off Grid is recorded in the South Shore of Nova Scotia and produced by the Hodge Podge Garage Recording Studio in the beautiful 1000 Islands region.

website: duskwood.ca instagram/facebook @duskwoodfarmca